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I’m lost

Nero Platinum 11 can not install on Asus windows 10 laptop

I uninstalled Nero Platinum 11 (full) on my old (Vista) laptop, then downloaded same from Nero website, ran Nero-11.2.00600.exe (with and without Win 7 compatibility, with and without Admin rights).

Unpacking of file was OK, installation of needed files was OK. Then computer needed a restart. Gave User Account Control permission to run Setup.

After that: time and again: the same scenario: Error message that system was still rebooting (though it wasn't) and please try again to install later.  But when executing Nero-11.2.00600.exe, the computer ALWAYS has to restart.  So according to the Nero Setup file my computer is ALWAYS rebooting and installation is refused. Help!

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