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I’m annoyed

Nero Platinum 2017: MediaHome Server starts at login, even though not configured to do so

Windows 7 Pro SP1 64 Bit, Nero Platinum 2017

When I logged in to my PC this morning, I was surprised and annoyed to find that a MediaHome process was running in the background.

In MediaHome Options->Streaming->Media Server, there's an option to "Enable media server" and another to "Start Nero MediaHome on Windows startup."

I have the option to enable the server selected, but I do NOT have the automatic startup selected. I expected this to mean that the DLNA server would start when, and only when, I had manually called for MediaHome to be running.

I find that there is an entry in the Windows Task Scheduler to automatically start the server when I log on to my computer.

It's interesting that this option to start at login of a specific user is not part of the configuration at all, so it can't be enabled or disabled by the user, and comes as a complete surprise.

This is very much unwanted behavior.
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