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Nero Platinum 2018 - BackitUp versioning question

According to the Nero backitup product site there is supposed to be a versioning option.


Unlike other services that only save the latest version of your files, Nero BackItUp even saves earlier versions of files that you want to protect. If you make any changes to a file, all older versions of that file will be kept locally. So even if you delete or damage a file, it’s always restorable!


I can't find anything in the FAQ or the manual on how to configure this versioning, and there is nothing in the tool options either.   When trying to do a restore, I'm only given the most recent backup as the option to restore.

Can anyone point me to where to find how to configure this? 

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  • I think that what it says is simply meant to be a statement of fact. However, having used Backitup since Nero V8 (It's the reason why I first came to the forum back in 2008), I don't really understand what they're trying to say when it says "all older versions are saved locally" and can be restored. It might be a misunderstanding of English by the person who wrote it.

    Looking at the three types of backups available, the first two, can be scheduled. Normally, that means they would be incremental and the first backup would be a full backup which has the original files and the subsequent incremental files would have the changes. I don't think the Sync option would retain the older files that have been changed.

    Given the complexity, I would suggest that you contact tech support for an explanation.

    You can do that by going here-

    and submitting the contact form.

    I'm keenly interested in what the explanation is so, if you would, please let me know what they have to say. Note that you probably won't get a response before Tuesday of next week.
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