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Nero Premium Edition - Version - Blu-Ray/HD DVD Video Plug-In

For 'Nero Premium Edition - Version' , the latest/last version of Nero 7.

Is the 'Blu-Ray/HD DVD Video Plug-In' built-in i.e. WITHOUT requriing and Additional serial for the plug-in required,... or does the plug-in require purchase and an additional serial number? .

NOTE: NERO 7 DID/DOES have a 'Blu-Ray/HD DVD Video Plug-In' that could be purchased and therefore a additional serial required. (BUT did the last / latest NERO 7 version have it bult-in??)

ALSO; How EXACTLY in DETAIL can I test ALL the features of this plug in?. (Assuming it is Built-in to nero 7 or I aquire it) ??
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