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Nero ProductSetup cant connect to the internet


I have Nero 7 Essential. The problem is I can ́t find new updates in Nero ProductSetup.

When I click on "Check for updates" in ProductSetup I just got the message that Nero ProductSetup was unable to connect to the internet, but I do have connection.

So do somebody know how to solve this problem?
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    Hello Lars,
    Nero 7 is quite old and no longer supported by Nero.

    Actually, Nero only officially supports the "current version minus 1"

    i.e. Nero 2017 and Nero 2016.

    The only downloads for Nero 7 are in the previous product archive ...

    I don't know what would happen if you attempted to download and install over the top of your Nero 7 Essential version to see if it would give you the latest update possible ... it might break your installation.

    Perhaps other users on the forum will offer some advice ...
    • That should work. I've asked people to do that numerous times. He should understand that he will still have an Essentials version.

      By the way, as far as I know, they're still supporting v2015 despite what Since5.5 said in another thread. Kind of interesting since I don't think there's any chance that they'll do any kind of update for v2015.
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