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Nero recode 2015 - blank screen in trimm/preview + other tips and issues


I just purchased an upgrade of Nero from 10 to 2015 (Standard). I have bought Standard, as it seemed to me that the top version had only bluray 3D and UHD on to p of the standard version. I have searched and searched, but had found no info about the diffferences between nero versions, and aso compared to 10.

I have tested some of the applications there, hoping to gain advantage from the up-graded version,.. but till now I see that I have paid for a downgrade. I have few serious problems with it.

- I haven't burned anything yet, but in the menu, I seem to be missing nero disc span. C'mon. Every new version should have its features been upgraded , improved, extended.. not degraded. People are not paying to get a product with less features ! (-)

- I welcome that the queue does not empty itself when starting the application again. Nero Recode 10 had serious leak memory issue after trimming any videos for few minutes. It just crashed, wasting my time. (+)
- Can the entry screen be turned off and directly start the encoding queue screen?
- I am not able to use it at all, because the trimming and preview dialog does not show screen, only sound. (-) THou I can see a thumbnail of the video in the list of videos to recode. I can use the files thou in Nero video, and to my surprise the output no longer is out of sync. (+) I am using MTS streams from DVB-T broadcasting.
- My use case for the nero recode is not fully supported. The application does not allow multi trim. If it ever starts to work for me.
- I welcome the ability to join the video files in the list,.. thou better would be to group them. (+)
- I need to quickly cut the recorded stream files, remove ads (manually), and prepare job tasks that can be executed during night. Still cannot do it.. I'm still not able to split/join movies in nero recode queue screeen.

- I welcome the possibility to change project settings anytime during editing of a movie project. FInally, after 5 years you finally implemented it. How fast :) (+)
- Imagine I have like DVD as movie setup, select one movie from the movies list and hit export, change to mP4/ my custom profile. I export... THen I select a secont video from the list. I hit export. I see that the settings were there,.. but they change back to MPEG2/DVD . Crap Why that ? EVen this detour of recoding my mts files has obstacles (-)
- In the same list of movies (to be burned to dvd-video for example), I select multiple of movie, hit export (on bottom of the screen), export is triggered.. but Only for the first selected movie. How incomplete and I think broken.
- I remember that in the trial of nero 11 there was the possibility to use a third option in smartEncoding, some hybrid mode, allowing to smart encode moview with different bitrates. I see only automatic option there now.. and it does not allow me to use my original bit rate for DVD. How bad, definately downgrade (-). I like how nero does the menus, but if nero video will force me to reencode files when burning a dvd or bluray, even thou the input movies were already compledted and exported in a different movie editor (PD 10). I don't mind some standard decrease, as long as the result is playbe with my home devices.
- TIP: Again about exporting. Now that there is a job queue in nero recode, it is obvious, and straight forward, to be able to have a button in the export moview dialog to "enqueue" the job to nero recode. Devs at Nero, please think in wider! Exploit given possibilities.
- Cutting - I see there is the scissors tool to cut and split movies. But that is a bit slow, the cursor and preview changes when I change the tool, and also when I hover over video track. And its not precise. I have to ZOOM the timeline to be ore precise, which again slows me down. Instead, I have expected a button solely for splitting, right at the place where the timeline is. Because using the tieline for getting to the exact place, then hit few frames back... that's how I would like to do the splitting. But no SPLIT like that there. (-)
- TIP: And now I think I will blow it completely - In export dialog again, to be able to setup a set of exporting profiles and enqueue all of them for a given movie at once. That would be awesome for me use case!

- Well , that the nero backup is not there, that's not new. Luckily, I do not need it on this laptop.

I really do not understand, why NERO pays so many men-hours to develop a new starter menu/application in each version, literally, so much time waste.
Instead implement features that melt the applications more a bit, allow things to do quicker, without any detours.

Thanks for any reply
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  • Not sure why you are not seeing DiscSpan in Nero Burning Rom?
    Maybe there is a difference between Standard and Platinum versions?

    In my version (2015 platinum) there is a tab for DiscSpan:

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  • I’m thankful
    Aaahh, thanks man.
    I see it there now too. So they moved it over there.
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  • In regards to Nero Recode- note that trial versions don't support mpeg-4, .mts nor .m2ts. You should be able to see video in any other format in the screens you mentioned.

    When you open Recode and you have jobs still in the cue, you can opt to edit them or encode them, thus bypassing the import options. Is that your question?

    You can cut, split and join in Nero Video. I don't know what you mean by multi-trim. You can trim the ends as many times as you want to in the Recode trim screen.

    In regards to Nero Video-

    You can change the recording format options in any version of Nero once you have defined the type of disc project you want to burn. It is the same way in v5 through v2015.

    The smartencoding options seem to change with every Nero version. You can disable smartencoding.

    You can change bitrates in the Profile you select for exporting within the limitations of the type of format/disc project you choose.

    why send a job to Recode for an export operation?

    I'm not sure what you mean by a set of profile settings. You can export the entire project at one time.

    If you want to be precise, the zooming tool is perfect. How else do you propose tget in that close to make sure you make the cut exactly where you want it? You can also use the TimeScale for the Timeline to be even more precise. I don't know what other software lets you do this kind of stuff without a little effort. One click with the scissors is a split.

    I'm not trying to belittle your proposals. You should send them to tech support. They've been willing to make changes in the past if demand warrants it. I'm also not trying to answer all your questions thoroughly because it would take a whole lot more discussion and I'm on vacation. I'll wager that some of the other guys jump in here to help out.
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