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Nero recode 2019 problems

Had a perfectly working Nero 2018 on my system, but after installing Nero 2019 the pain keeps getting stronger. After many re installs it now 'kind of works' but....

When I import a file in Nero 2019 it's recognized, but it can't figure out the result-file size. Worse, when I start the recode-process it kind of hangs and it thinks it needs +8 hours for the job. The same job at Nero Recode 2018 took about 3 minutes to complete.

Running Windows 10 on an X299 motherboard with 64Gigs of RAM and an I7 7820. All other non-Nero software (like my Adobe Premiere) work fine.

Help, how can I fix this erratic and slow behavior of Nero Recode?

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