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Nero Recode DVDs to MP4, Snap!

To convert DVD to MP4 one file, for storage on the HDD, I bought Nero 2016 Classic. From there I use Nero Recode. Initially everything was OK, transfer lasted about 6-10 minutes, depending on size DVD. After conversion of about 12 DVD transfer decelerated for about 12 to 20 minutes. When I wanted to somehow deal with it, so eventually there was the fact that the conversion after running for some time stops with the following message:
'Task was completed - number of files in which the failure occurred: 1 "
Furthermore, reports: "Nero Recode can recode the source file because it is invalid or corrupted.".
I tried reinstalling Nero. It did not help.
I tried the replacement of the DVD drive. It did not help.
I tried to clean install Windows 10. Did not help.
Knowledge. It does not matter if the original DVD or burned. Conversion of the sticks are no problem. Converting DVD in another program without problems.
Can anyone advise? I do not want to use another program. I would like to find the mistake.
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