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Nero Selling Outdated Products

Corporate sales just sent me an email ad to purchase Platinum 2018, which I already own, after about two months ago when they sent an announcement stating that all of our products are outdated except for 2019. So, though they will not give the fullest extent of service to 2018, they still want to sell it. Considering that I have a longstanding issue concerning my Nero suites, and that Microsoft locked one of my accounts for reasons only they know, my inclination is to ditch both. Since Microsoft will soon quit supporting Windows 7, and has employed different techniques to coerce us into upgrading, I will pursue acquiring a refurbished Apple computer where some package of theirs will eliminate the need for Nero again. Their site design shows very little consideration for customers. Where they once had a Customer Service contact form, now that page leads to a broken link. It is increasingly difficult to bring up one of their home pages for English speaking customers that does not have German.
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