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I’m frustrated

Nero should use remotecontrol or possible to receive picture in chat to understand problem with the product.

When talking to Nero first level support using chat. I have found it hart to tell what does not work. Even if I had a picture (screendump) that could show exactly what one was up to.
There were no interest in seeing that picture.
In a way as if I should understand what they were thinking and not the opposite way. Also there was no interest in trying oneself what one was up to.
I made then a video that showed the situation. 2 minutes. And then I luckily got one that saw and understood that video easily.

But with remote control, staff and user could save a lot of time understanding and maybe solve the problem on the fly.

Use remotecontrol if necessary.
Receiving screendumps in chat to better understand the user.

Others that are using RC is McAfee.

Think about it.
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