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I’m annoyed

Nero SoundTrax constantly freezing during use

I have Nero 2016 Platinum. I have had practically every version of Nero since Nero 8 with no issues whatsoever. However, I am having huge problems with my Nero SoundTrax. Yes, I know this software is now a free download. I am having constant problems with the software suddenly freezing during use, causing me to lose all my work. It also sometimes stalls during live audio transfers. And this problem is NOT due to my computer, because I actually went out and bought a NEW computer, and the problem still persists. My PC is running Windows 10, 64 bit. I do notice that SoundTrax runs on 32 bit. Would this be the problem? I looked everywhere for a 64 bit version of SoundTrax, to no avail. This is really bugging me, as I even purchased Nero 2016 Platinum in the hopes that it will fix the problem. What am I to do???
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