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nero vdeo 12 locks up when trying to create dvd/ How to split project

I have a large project and am trying to create an AVCHD DVD. As soon as I select this option the next screen shows that the size is over 4GB but should still be within the capacity of a dvd. At this point the program is completely locked up and you just get a 'ding' when trying to select any option on the screen, even the close 'x'. Further, task manager won't even close down the program - you must restart to get control again. Ideas? Is it because of the size? The size bar is red on the right end.

separate question: if the recommendation is to split into two parts, how can I copy the last, say, 10 minutes of material and paste it into a new project? It appears that I can only have one instance of Nero video open at a time. I don't want to have to re-create all of the material if I can help it. THANK YOU for any assistance that anyone can provide.
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