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In the program nero video, creating a video to DVD or Blu-ray, provided regardless of the file package a file is corrupted increasing its size and not allowed to burn because it always appears as space exceeded
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    Hi Luis,
    You can adjust the output of Nero Video by setting "Fit to Disc" which should automatically adjust the quality downward to fit on a DVD.

    You can also manually turn down the quality to reduce the size of the output.

    If you select: under Options ... Recording Format Options ... DVD-Video
    Under the Quality Setting, using "Automatic(Fit to Disc)" or trying some of the other quality settings will reduce the size of the output. However, the resolution and quality will be reduced also. It becomes a matter of balance between size and the amount of quality you are willing to accept..

    Another possibility would be to use a Double Layer DVD - if your DVD writer is capable and you have a Double Layer disc to use - select the DVD-9 option to write to a Double layer DVD disc.
    That option is found at the bottom right-hand corner of the Nero Video project screen.

    In the end, though, if the input video file is just too large, then no amount of "squeezing" is going to make it fit onto a DVD successfully.
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