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Nero Video 2016 does not recognize my video camera for video capturing. How can I fix this?

I have a Sony HVR-A1U camera that I need to capture media from into Nero. It is connected to my computer via an IEEE cable, but the only capture device available in Nero's pull-down menu is "Microsoft AV/C Tape Subunit Device." My computer shows the Sony camera as a "connected" device, but Nero isn't cooperating. How do I fix this problem?
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  • Taken from the Windows help file - hope it helps.

    This can occur for the following reasons:

    The DV camera is not powered on.

    The DV camera went into standby mode. Some DV cameras will go into standby mode if the DV camera is in the record (Camera) mode with a tape in it and no video or audio is being sent to or from the camera.

    To fix the problem, do one or more of the following, and then try again:

    Verify that the DV device is connected properly to your computer with an IEEE 1394 connection or a USB 2.0 connection.

    Verify that the DV camera is powered on and in VCR (playback) mode.

    Switch off the DV camera and then switch it on again in VCR (playback) mode.
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