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I’m frustrated

Nero Video 2017 - 2017 will not import AVI files encoded with FPS1 Codec (Fraps)

I have been using Nero Video to edit and create MP4 video since 2013 version.
I make videos in Second Life (Machinima) and my capture software is Fraps: This records large, minimally compressed .avi files that I import into Nero Video and edit to create my mp4 videos. I just recently installed Nero Video 2017 and cannot get the program to import an AVI encoded with the Fraps FPS1 codec. It imports Fraps encoded AVI now as an audio file instead of a video file..thinks it is an audio stream rather that a video.

All other earlier Nero Video versions handled these FPS encoded video correctly.
Interestingly enough, Recode 2017 has no problem with these FPS encoded AVI files. Imports correctly and can be recoded into MP4s. But i need to be able to edit these add titles etc. and need NV to do that.

Suggestions/ Fix appreciated.
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