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Nero Video 2018 - Stuttering/Choppy in Preview screen

Hell guys. I am compiling a home movie/holiday clips on Nero video 2018. Majority of these clips are high definition vids from a Samsung s7 or from a Nikon DLSR camera. The Video is now 2 hours long. At some point in compiling this video (probably 90mins into it) it suddenly stopped previewing smoothly and the background rendering does not go over 24% no matter how long i wait. I have tried to preview without background rendering too but it makes no difference. The playback quality is set to "performance". It has now become very frustrating to edit these clips any further because it is impossible to preview a clip without it sounding out of sync and choppy. At first i was worried this is what the final version would appear like on disc but when i exported it, thankfully it played just fine. The issue is simply with previewing. [Also these videos play just fine when double clicking each video and watching it in the trim screen]

Here is the spec of my pc:

Interl Core i5@3ghz and 8gb ram, Windows 10 home 64bit, 500gb hardrive free

Is it quite simply something to do with not having enough resources or is there a setting or something i can change to see if it will resolve this issue? Thanks in advance
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