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Nero Video Converted to MP4 Plays On Personal Computer But Not On Google Drive!

Thanks to Omega Tester for assist on my fat32 file limitations issues!
Now a new issue has ensued! I create a movie using Nero Platinum 2018, completely paid for and downloaded from their site. I used MP4 encode settings, limitation of 2GB after editing and plays as expected on my desktop! I upload it to Google Drive to be viewed as an educational sewing video by invitation! After upload to Google Drive I would expect it to play as expected of an MP4! Instead I get a notification, Woops! There was a problem playing this video! Wants me to download Cloud Convert, Online Video Converter or vGet Cast etc.. The file is already in MP4! I already posted the first video and it was excellent and played without issues!

Please help I need To Post These Videos!
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