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Nero Video - Highest Quality AUDIO?

hi people , sorry to bother you lot but could anyone tell me what the highest possible audio quality setting would be for a video created with nero.

Im a Dj/producer and the main attraction to things i post is always the sound content , the quality of the visuals doesnt really matter too much as long as it nice enuff but i have audio files from studio right up to 32bit 192khz ( which is more than human ear can even hear lol )

id never expect to use anything like that on a video but wanted the max settings for any mp4 video i create . would it be AAC or something like that or can i pay nero for an upgrade to get higher? the source audio is usually just a 24bit .wav 9600khz dithered down to a 16bit 44100khz or same value .aiff

big thanks for anyone whos got time to help/advise my dumb ass lol . Luke
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