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I am creating a presentation with pictures and short video clips. I have added music to the presentation. How do I make the music fade out and stay low during the video clip and then fade in and go back to normal volume for the pictures? I am using Nero Platium 2015
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  • Hi Jody, the easiest way to do this is to chose one of the Audio Effects. Open the Effect Palette and click on Audio Effects. You will find things like Fade Out, Fade In, Fade In and Out and Crossfades. Just drag the the one you want to the timeline where you want it. You can adjust the duration in the properties for the effect. I would probably use a fade in that's the same duration as the video if it will let you.

    If not, you can adjust the volume of the audio by clicking on it with the Effect Palette open. You can adjust it's volume by increasing or decreasing the dB's. You can also use Key Frames but I'd rather wait for you to try the other methods first before I explain how to use them. It will probably be the correct way to go if you have a single audio file for the duration of the entire project.
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