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I’m frustrated

Nero video won't let me create DVD with preloaded subtitles in .mkv format ( unable to insert )

I am using Nero 2016 Platinum Version: 17.0.19000 and trying to burn a DVD from .mkv format files that have the subtitles already in the file. I have tried several (8+) different .mkv files. The files without the subtitles will load, but the ones WITH subtitles give me an error with "unable to load: (file) .mkv. An occasional .mkv file without subtitles will also not load.
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  • Hi Scott,
    Nero sadly continues to lack support for subtitles when burning a DVD.

    It strips out embedded subtitles and cannot accept an external subtitle file either when trying to burn a DVD.

    I have a feeling that the other issue you might have is that the source files that will not load contain DTS audio?

    Nero lost a lawsuit with DTS Inc which now means Nero cannot decode content that contains DTS audio.

    A work-around could be to use another video conversion app (such as FreeMake Video Converter) to convert your video to an output that contains audio without DTS.

    HOWEVER ... the issue with the subtitles will still remain.

    You could try "hard-coding" the subs into the video using Freemake, but that would mean the subtitles (only one language - no options to change during playback) would be permanently on display during the playback.)

    People have been complaining for YEARS to Nero about its lack of subtitle support to no avail. :(
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