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Nero Vision error MSVCR120_CLR0400.dll error

So i have purchase purchased Nero Platinum 2017 and installed with no problems, am able to open and use all programs but Nero Video. When i try to open Nero Video i get a MSVCR120_CLR0400.dll error. I have uninstalled all Visual C++ and reinstalled them and reinstalled Nero but keep getting this error and Video will not open. Any ideas?
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  • OK so have an update....... After doing a lot of research and trying i have figured out what they issue is/was.
    For anyone that gets this error, look in your Windows Updates and see if you have downloaded and installed the Microsoft .Net Framework 4.7? There is a problem with the coding within this Framework update. So the easiest fix would be to go into your "Control Panel" and click "Programs and Features" and uninstall any and all .Net Framework. Once this is done restart your pc and let windows do a search for updates and when it lists .Net Framework 4.7 as one of the updates, uncheck it and let the remaining updates install. Once the updates are done i would recommend going back in and hiding the .Net Framework update
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