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I’m frustrated

Nero won't rip tracks anymore - is the company really this evil?

I tried to rip a song off Nero Burning Rom 2014 today. It will no longer allow me to do this. A message pops up indicating that gracenote album art will no longer function with my current version. I am then prompted to the Nero site where no patch or update is offered to fix the problem. Instead, my only option is to buy a whole new version for the low, low price of $57.95. Really Nero? I don't want Gracenote; I would deactivate it if I could. Your software won't work for more than four years? We're all familiar with planned obsolesce, but this seems to be insidiously designed obsolesce. Am I mistaken or is Nero really this filthy of a company?
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  • I think your comment about the software not working for 4 years begs some explanation. I'm only aware of one other thread you created. Are there other problems?

    I'll need to look tomorrow but I think v14 is the one where that album art option was discontinued. It has since been reinstated but for reasons I won't go into, I can't look at versions 2016 through 2018 to see which one reinstated it. Perhaps one of the other volunteers will jump in.
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  • I’m sad
    "I think your comment about the software not working for 4 years begs some explanation."

    If you buy something and it is designed to stop working after four years, it is not just planned obsolesce (something that is engineered to wear out sooner than later to inspire a replacement purchase), but it is insidiously designed obsolesce (a product given a specific and arbitrary date when it is rendered unusable). Oh Nero, you are wretched! I came into this forum with low expectations and my sense was confirmed. Thanks anyway Wither.
    • I installed v8 in 2008 and v9 through v2015 as they came available. They all work fine. There's no planned obsolesence. I only mentioned those since it's been 4 years since v2015 came out. I also have v2016 through v2019 installed.

      I didn't do what I said I was going to do in my first response and I was wrong about the version. The ability to save the album art was removed in v2016 and reinstated in v2017. It is there in all other versions.

      I can't test it because the only audio CD I have which has album art is copy protected.

      Open Burning Rom and select Cancel. Click on Help, About............... What is the version number?

      Also, what is your OS?
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