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Nero 11 recognizes .wmv files as pictures?

Nero 11 Platinum - Nero Video

I'm trying to burn/create a new DVD made from multiple files in Nero video. Most of the files are .mpg form that are from my camcorder, but a couple of them are .wmv files created with windows movie maker. Those .wmv files are originally smaller .mpg files from my camcorder joined together to make new single larger file. When I try to import those .wmv files, I get an error stating "Nero can not import pictures as titles"
I've created hundreds of DVDs before by importing mixed files like this, and so i'm not sure what's going on. I've gone through the control center and updated everything available, but it was no help.
I'm also aware that you can join files directly within Nero, but the quality of the joined files is not a good as the .wmv files made with windows movie maker.

Any clue as to where to turn now?
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