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I’m Demoralized

Nero 11's main menu & chapter menus selection boxes do not work.

Hi, I'm creating and burning DVDs with Nero 11 and customizing my menus by adding chapters and buttons. I'll choose a color like "blue" to be my Text color, "red" will be my Highlight color and "black" will be my Activation color. Everything looks amazing when I get to the Preview screen; everything is selectable and highlighted to my liking, but when I burn the DVD to disc or create an image/iso file my highlights don't work. Everything is still selectable and links correctly, but I can't see what I'm selecting because the highlight stays isolated in one spot and doesn't correspond to my remote. This might sound a bit confusing so just imagine this: Your DVD starts playing, on your title menu you have a "Play" option on the left and a "Menu" option on the right. Both "Play" and "Menu" is written in blue text. By default "Play" is already highlighted, and my highlight color is red. When I try to move right to select "Menu", the "Play" option is still highlighted red, but if I pushed enter I would be taken to the "Menu" screen because it's highlighted even though it's not showing in red. Is there anyone else experiencing this problem?
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