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Nero 14 Platinum 'NeroHome' & 'Nero Recode' Crash ???


I have installed 'Nero 14' on my pc and am having trouble getting 'NeroHome' & 'Nero Re-code' to run ??? When I start either program the flash screen pops up and the chosen program opens but within 20 seconds or so a box pops up saying ''NeroHome/re-code' has encountered a problem and needs to close" ???
The rest of 'Nero 14' runs like a well tuned clock but so far I am unable to make use of all its programs. I have just un-installed 'Nero 11' to up-grade to 'Nero 14' and all was good with the earlier version so why would the updated 'Nero 14 Platinum' not be able to get things running as good as before ???

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