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Nero 2014 Platinum problem with file size

I have just purchased Nero 2014 and when i load any AVCHD MTS file which has been recorded by camcorder to Nero Video the file size come up more that the actual size, like example i have a 10GB file it will load as 14 GB and 20GB file size as 32GB, im unable to burn to dvd or blu-ray disk, i purchased previosly 12 which was just trash and could not use it as their were lots of errors and did not receive any refund, i would like a full refund back please as the Nero 10 was working fine before which i uninstalled, i had purchased a new camcorder which used new AVCHD 2.0 and why i decided to upgrade to maintain full quality but Nero looks like a 3rd class product now every time a new version is released, i wanted to test before purchasing but the website does not provide the trial version as the download link dont work in any browser, i use windows 7 Ultimate

Thank You.
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