Nero 2014 Recode Introduces Audio/Video Sync Problems Into MPEG-4 Output Files Continued

This topic is a continuation of Nero 2014 Recode Introduces Audio/Video Sync Problems Into MPEG-4 Output Files that presents a simpler way to produce sync errors with only Nero produced videos as inputs. This procedure is less complex since it does not involve using Nero SoundTrax or any other audio files except those provided by Nero as samples with Nero 2014 Video.

Use Nero 2014 Video to create an AVCHD "seed" video.

1. Start Nero 2014 Video and choose Make Advanced Movie
2. For Movie Options, choose HDTV Basic HD 16:9 and Stereo audio.

3. Drag the Flower Meadow sample video to the timeline.
4. Drag the 50s Pop Up sample music to the Music track.
5. Drag the right end of the music track 2 seconds to the left.

6. Click Export and save if desired.
7. Choose Format AVCHD / Blu-Ray and Profile "Blu-ray Compatible", and verify the configuration:

8. Export and exit Nero Video upon completion.

Use Nero 2014 Video to create a Blu-ray .m2ts file from 30 copies of the "seed" video.

1. Make 30 copies of the output .m2ts file.
2. Start Nero 2014 Video and choose "Create Blu-ray Disc".
3. At the Content screen, import the 30 files made above and Join them.
4. Click Next and choose No Menu.
5. Click Next and Next again to get to the Burn Options screen.
6. Verify that SmartEncoding is enabled and Dolby Digital (AC3) 2.0 audio is selected:

7. Verify that audio will be SmartEncoded 100%.

8 Choose "Write to Hard Disk Folder" and choose a folder.
9. Click Write.

Recode the Blu-ray .m2ts video:

1. Start Recode 2014 and choose "Import Video Files.
2. Choose the Blu-ray .m2ts file made above.
3. Choose format MPEG-4 with LC-AAC audio; click OK.

4. Start encoding and play the result. If the symptom has been successfully replicated, the audio will be in sync at the start, but lead the video increasingly as the video plays. The audio is in sync when it begins at the same time as the "greenish background" flower meadow. Near the end, the music starts while the purple flowers near the end of the flower meadow video are still displayed, well before the "greenish background" repeats.

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