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I’m frustrated

Nero 7/8 not working properly

My Nero 7 keeps having problems and stops working and my laptop is running extremely slow (will the snails pace have anything to do with Nero 7 not working properly. I do have the original discs for Nero that came with my laptop which is running Windows Vista. What should I do to sort this out?

Have no tech knowledge!!!

Many thanks.
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  • Open Start\Programs\Accessories\System Tools. Find the Windows Disk Cleanup utility and run it. When it states how much space it can find, checkmark temporary files and empty recycle bin. Let it run. Reboot. Does that help?

    Afterwards, it would be beneficial to use the Windows defrag utility which is also in Accessories. I have it set up in Vista to run once a week while I'm using it.

    If those suggestions don't help, we can try some other things.

    You said Nero 7 and 8. Normally, versions of Nero from v9 and older, don't play well with one another when installed in parallel so I avoid that. I have v9 on one hard drive and v8 on another.
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