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I’m pissed that Nero doesn't work right

Nero Recode 12 Audio Sync issue

When using Nero Recode 12 to recode and combine video files the audio is ALWAYS out of sync. I can combine the same files using Windows Movie Maker without issue. While I'm prone to use Window's Movie Maker I feel that since I purchased Nero Recode 12 it should be my primary source for recoding (and combining video files) because Window's Movie Maker only outputs in the WMV format which means I'll have to use Recode either 10 or 12 anyway in order to get the format returned to the .mp4 format eventually. All of the original files are either .avi or .mp4 with frame rates that do not require any changes during the recoding process. Any ideas why Recode 12 will cause audio to be off by several seconds during play back?
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