Nero Video 2014 No links remaining to the multimedia files normally included in my project

Hi !
About one week ago I upgraded from Nero Platinum 12 to Nero Platinum 2014 and I worked on some editing projects in Nero Video.
Since I have been using a Nero editing program for years I always work in "avanced editing".
Of course, I always save my projects before closing N-Video !

But when I wanted to re-open them, I had a very unpleasant surprise:
no multimedia files appear nor in the window on the right nor in the timeline (see attached picture). Even the famous clip showing flowered grass has disappeared !

Have I really lost my whole work : none of the projects I had stored on my computer are correctly available.

I tried to re-install the program. Not better
I wrotre to the technic service: I got back the instruction to edit a video automatically !!
Could anybody help me ?
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