Nero Video 2014 HD projects have problems with HD pictures.

While looking into topic Photo scaling in slideshow, I had problems using HD pictures in either Nero 2014 Video AVCHD or BD projects. I've zipped up a folder containing an example of a working project and a non-working project: Download, unzip, copy folder to C: root. Projects are inside..

The "working" project contains a single 1608x1072 picture:

The non-working project contains a single 1620x1080 picture:

The same sort of thing happens with any larger pictures. In fact, it happens when 1920x1080 pictures are used!
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  • Addendum

    The .m2ts files of both folders are intact and playable. The bug seems to be in the structure definition:

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  • Hello Omega Tester,

    Thank you for the provided information. I have forwarded this case to our Software Developers to be reproduced and analysed in detail.

    Please note that you will not get an answer in the Forum regarding problems that have been solved by our Software Developers, as long as the problem has not been reported via e-mail too. The official channel to report a problem, and be able to follow it and receive updates is via e-mail.

    Best regards,
    • NeroUser,

      I'm not sure if I ever submitted this issue to techsupport@nero,com. But, I can assure you that I have submitted many others and received not one iota of menaingful feedback!

      After installing Nero 2015 Platinum, I tried to verify this issue and was unable to replicate it exactly as it is presented with Nero 2015 Video or Nero 2014 Video. However, the difficulty in replicating occurred in trying to repeat the "good" case.

      I was able to replicate the "bad" case for various sized pictures, including the Nero samples. Here's a screenshot that demonstrates the issue clearly and completely as I see it. I'm sure it would get the inquisitive "developer" on the right track.

      I didn't check the AVCHD project. I assume that will be done by the same inquisitve "developer". It does not happen for DVD-Video projects.

      This applies to Nero 12, 14, and 15 Video.
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