Nero Video project size WRONG

Hi, I have a problem with Nero Video: the size of my ouput project is not 4.36 Gb (as it should be with a disc of 4.37), but it's something like 4.29 Gb, so I miss about 70 mb that could be used to improve compression quality. This is my way to work:

Editing file in Virtualdub, saving it as avi with NO compression.

Open this file with Nero Recode, and converting/saving it as MPEG 2 with LCPM audio. Then I have an .mpg file of about 6,65 GB. Now I put this file in Nero Video to make a dvd, which obviously it will be resized to fit 4,36 limit. Then after re-encoding in Nero Video, I can save my final result in .nrg Image file.

I noticed this problem with few MPEG 2 files (sometime project file is 3.98 Gb, missing about 380 mb) , so what's the problem? Thanks
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