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Nerovision analyzes non-existent project files when making a dvd, why?

When I import a new file (mp4) into nerovison 2015 to create a dvd, nero analyzes the file then brings you to the menu option. But before releasing you to the menu, it starts analyzing prior project files. These files are non-existent. I looked at entries in the \document\nerovision folder, appdata\local\temp\nerovision... and all is empty. There must be cache somewhere, however it seems not to be in a temp directory as I clear that kind of cache with Privacy Eraser. This has been going on for sometime. It appears as if past files are being added to the current project, but they aren't. Very odd. This was addressed in 2010 in another post without resolution.
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  • Futher info... It seems that those older files were originally on my external drive and I noticed that nero video was analyzing the files in a the folder on the ext drive E: I started all over and turned off the drive and Nero Video went right to work on the new file without bothering to dredge up the older files. I turned the drive back on and started over again and the program seems to remain uninterested in the folder. At times the external usb drive has be the source of files but never the target which is usually a temporary holding folder of my creation. So its interesting why it even cares about an older source location.

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