New to Nero - Questions about Nero Burning ROM 2014


I'm trying to sort through all the Nero products. I need to decide which trial version to download, test (and eventually buy) to meet my needs. I don't want to waste days and weeks trying to test and learn something and find out that it will not do what I want or it's too complicated. I'm willing to pay for a good product, tutorials and support. Dell Inspiron laptop, Windows 8. I don't care about TV streaming, calendars, books, the Cloud, editing videos
These are the things i want to do:

1) Rip audio cds to my laptop (from my cd collection)

2) Copy photos (jpegs) to a disc (use a cd or dvd? is this a data disc?) so they will play on a portable (non-computer) dvd player.

3) I downloaded some videos from YouTube (they all appear to be mp4 format). I want to burn them to disc (dvd, I presume), so that my family can play them on a portable (non-computer) dvd player.

#3, I think is the big question that I don't understand. It has something to do with converting file formats. Can mp4s be converted to another type of file to play on a simple cd/dvd player standalone unit?

Can the Burning ROM 2014 do all these things for me? If not, which ones can it do?If I download the trial version, will it have all the functionality of the full version. I would consider trial/buying the Platinum version also if it meets my needs. Can the inexpensive MediaHome do any of the above?

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