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I’m disschuffed

No Download Link for Stashimi

I have purchased Nero 2016 download. It came with a link and activation code for the add on package of Link64. I got my activation code for Stashimi, but no download link in either the return web site after paying or the email confirming payment. Nor was there any instructions on how to obtain the link. I have used Nero for about 6-7 years now and this is the first time that I have ever had a problem.
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  • Hi Dave,
    You might be able to use the "Launch page" of Nero 2016 to download the stashimi software (I can't remember for sure) ... else it could come as an option during the installation of the Nero Platinum installer ...

    Failing that ....

    You can download the software from here for example:

    Down the page a bit ...

    NEW! stashimi
    Listen to and record from more than 100k radio stations world-wide.

    (Where you enter your email address to make the download button active.)

    There was some confusion when it came to activating Stashimi however, and the instructions from the Stashimi support people goes as follows:

    You can apply the activation code by:
    - going to
    - login to your free stashimi account or create a new free stashimi account
    - click "manage my account" and then click "I have an activation code".
    - after successful activation, log in to the stashimi PC application.
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