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I’m frustrated

No video when creating with Nero Video 2015

I was recommended to make a new topic for this issue, I've already contacted Nero tech support which is currently on-going. We've past the stage of providing the log archive, deleting Nero Video cache and a clean reinstall of Nero Classic 2015 with Nero FirstAidKit.

Onto the problem:
I am only seeing a grey screen when I am trying to create any type of media (AVCHD, Blu-Ray and DVD). I can hear the audio from the video though.

> Only happens when trying to 'Create' something, no problem when I'm 'Editing' using Nero Video 2015.
> It's worth noting that I did not have this issue with Nero Video 2014, so it must be something to do with Nero Video 2015.
> Have done a full uninstall of Nero products, and used 'Nero FirstAidKit' which support gave me to clear the registry of Nero, then only installed Nero Classic 2015. Same Issue.
> Have tried using .avi files, .mp4 files, .m2ts files and .wmv files. All show a grey screen (only audio) on the 'Create' page. Have tested all the files on Windows Media Player, K-Lite Media Player Classic and Nero MediaHome, and they work fine.
> I am running on a laptop so I have both Intel and Nvidia graphics, both are running latest drivers. Nero Video 2015 by default uses Intel, so I've also tried setting it to use Nvidia. Same Issue.

Screenshots of the issue:
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  • Chun Chi Yau,

    All of that and no resolution! Until someone who knows something comes along, may I ask:

    You said in the other thread that this problem is new with Nero 2015. Was it 0installed on the same hardware? Do you still have it installed?

    If you ignore the blank screen and just move on by clicking "Next" and "Next" again, any video on the Preview screen?
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    • All of that and no resolution! If it were me, I would disable one, send an email to, etc. I'm sure they would be interested. (But, maybe not!). Good luck!

      Perhaps, someone else will know exactly what you should do.
    • Thank you very much for all the advice, Omega Tester. Atleast we've found a way to get it working, even if it's not ideal.

      I'll mention it to Nero Support, hopefully they'll know why this is, and perhaps provide a fix.
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