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Not enough system resources.

Not enough system resources. I use nero video 2018 edit move,totel length about 15 min, but the screen show not enough system resouces. My PC memory 16G,hard drive 1TB, I chesk this program only use memory 5G, hard disk 779GB free, what is the problem?
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  • Hi HeBu-

    Transcoding/encoding of video creates lot of temporary files. For some reason, the pertinent Temp folder can only contain a certain capacity of files.

    Click on Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools. Right click on Disk Cleanup and select "run as administrator." When it tells you how much space it can recover, check the boxes for Temporary Files and Empty Recycle Bin. Let it run. Reboot.

    Try your project again.

    Does that help?
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