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Not Recognize CDA files.

Nero 12: Why does Nero Express create CDA files, but Nero Recode does not recognize CDA files? Can you change the file extension in Nero Express?

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    Hi Charles,
    If you look at an audio CD using Windows File Explorer, you will see Track01.cda; Track02.cda etc.

    Those are really just index markers on the CD, not actual usable files.

    The CD itself is one continuous track with the songs indentified by the index markers.

    So, to make use of the CD, you need to use one of the Nero applications to "rip" the music from the CD.

    Note: "Copy Protected" Cds will not allow you to do it.

    There are various apps in Nero that can do the job of "ripping" provided the CD is not "Copy Protected" ...

    In Nero MediaHome, you insert your music disc

    Under Options - CD Ripping - choose where the files will be saved to and then choose the "More" button at the bottom of the screen and "Import Disc".

    In Nero Burning ROM, you choose the "Extras" tab at the top
    Then select "Save Audio Tracks" - with the CD in the drive.

    Click on the Output Tab, select where you want the music files to be saved to, and the format of the files. For example: mp3; wav; flac

    In Nero Express, Click on the "triangle button" center left of the screen, Select Save Audio Tracks under the Advanced Menu.
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