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NTSC DV video showing up in Nero products as PAL

I was trying to use Nero Video to make a project using some old footage I shot in 2003 on a DV camcorder. The input files play nicely in Windows, and as you can see from the screenshot it's quite obviously NTSC:

(720x480, 30fps)

However, importing the same file into Nero Video gives me a different story: it's 720x576 and 25fps there:

And Nero Recode is reporting the same thing:

One might think that this is only a reporting issue, but I am noticing that my rendered (in Nero Video) and converted (in Nero Recode) output is somewhat lousy in quality. It almost seemed as though Nero is doing a frame rate conversion somewhere because the motion in the output video is not nearly as smooth as the source material.

Has anyone had an issue similar to this?
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