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I’m anxious

ok i bought with paypal nero 2017 platinum no serial number it will not download why not i will get refund today ok with paypal help

nero 2017 platinum download it will not no install number why i paid with paypal yesterday it will not download no number for instalation
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    Hi Christopher-

    If you purchased v2017 via the Nero Online Shop, you should have received an e-mail which contains your serial number. You might look in your e-mail spam folder to see if it accidently went there (I'm assuming your spam is not automatically deleted).

    If there is no e-mail, then go to, support, contact, customer service and submit the contact form. They should be able to find your serial number. Since they don't work weekends, you might not get a response until Monday or Tuesday.

    Note that you can go to, downloads and download the trial version of v2017 Platinum. It's good for 15 days. When you get your serial number, just open the Nero ControlCenter and add it to Licenses. All the features of Platinum will then be released. You won't be able to work with mpeg-4, .mts or .m2ts until you've added your serial number.
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