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Old Nero version, cannot extract with winzip- do I need to purchase software

I have 4 disks that were created with Nero Backitup but I have no idea the version. The original Nero disk and computer (along with my house and everything else I owned) is in the Gulf of Mexico after Hurricane Katrina hit. The disks have the .nbi codes on them and are in good shape- I had left them at my parents house. Is there a version of Nero I need to purchase to get these to work? I've downloaded the free Backitup but it didn't work. I've also tried using Winzip to no avail. These disks have the only surviving wedding, child, house, etc. photos we have left from before 2005 when everything was destroyed. I certainly don't mind buying the software if it means we can get these items back, just need to know which one. Thanks
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