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I’m frustrated

only one dvd/blue ray station of two recognizes disks, both are seen in Ner 16 platinum.

i got 2 optical drives nero sees them bose and when i got the computer with windows 7 both drives could read data some ware during the regular updates a problem develloped. now I aim using windows 10 and one station does not read or write data it does not recognize the disks i put in. I know the problem also existed in XP on my old PC and you had to remove some things high and low filters from the register. Does somebody knows a solution
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  • You might want to check to see if there is later firmware (not Windows driver) for the problem drive. If you have a laptop, you should go to the laptop vendors support website and check on software. They may incorrectly call firmware a driver but go with the flow. If you have a desktop, you may have to search the internet for the latest firmware. A good place to start is
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