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Out of sync audio/video in Nero Video 2014

I just started using Nero Video 2014 yesterday for creating and editing, although I have had it for many months now. I have the audio/video out of sync issue and am not happy ! ! !
Went online and found this is a common problem, that really ticked me off.
I was up until 3:30 in the morning to find a work around. Did the recode thing,did not work. There are no problem with our files as far as 'dropped frames', that is all ignorance.
Nero throws our files out exactly 1 second,
This is how I have made things work for me: After editing, I have to right click on the audio file and seperate the video and audio. Then I zoom in and move the video file exactly 1 second (to the right) delay past the audio, then I lock all 2 files (effect,video,audio), then I can hit next and things are in sync.
I hope this helps everyone.
Has there been a fix to this problem? I have all the updates.
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