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Pausing in Nerovision

I want to add songs and pics in Nerovision. I know how to do that. I want to know how to start the song and pics, pause for a 30 second video and then have the song and pics pick up where they left off. I have Nero 2009
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    Open Make Movie.

    Add the first set of photos. Add the video. Add the next set of photos.

    Add your audio file to Audio 1.

    Also, add your audio file to Audio 2.

    Click on the Audio 1 file. Select Cut. Move the left hand marker to the start of the video. Click on Cut.

    Click on the Audio 2 file. Select Cut. Move the right hand marker to the end of the video. Click on cut. If that file is longer than the rest of your project, click on the right hand end of it and drag it to the left until it's at the end of your project.

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