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Pausing video recording in Nero Video - Capture

I have Nero Platinum 2015 and use Nero Video often in capture mode and record video frp, my cable TV box using a USB video interface. One really important feature I wish it had while recording is the ability to pause the recording which would come in handy when a TV commercial comes on. Does anyone know if Nero Video 2017 has a pause feature? Thanks.
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  • Hi Nate-

    You could always stop the recording and then resume it.

    However, you can always use the Ad Spotter to remove commercials after the capture. This is from the help file-

    "In Nero Video it is possible to search for commercials in a captured file and to remove them directly from your project.
    The following requirement must be fulfilled:▲The desired video clip is displayed in the video editing screen.To search for commercials and to remove them from your video clip, proceed as follows:
    1.Select the respective clip in the content area.
    2.Click the Movie Detection > Ad Spotter button.°The Ad Spotter window is opened.
    3.If you wish to increase the sensitivity of the auto-recognition (High) or reduce it (Low), customize the slider.
    4.Click the Start button.°The video clip is searched for commercial sequences.°The number of found commercial sequences is shown above the film strip. The individual video and commercial sequences are highlighted on the film strip. The commercial sequences have a red border.
    On the scroll bar in the preview area the individual sequence start and end markings are also shown. Here, detailed corrections can be carried out if necessary.
    5.Click the Generate button.°The video clip is inserted without the commercial sequences at the previous position in the project.2You have removed the Web sequences from your movie."
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