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Pelco OEM use of NERO 7

My company uses Pelco DX8100 series DVRs to capture recordings of CCTV cameras. The Pelco DVRs require and use NERO 7. NERO 7 is installed on the DVR as part of the OEM image.
My users need to burn video recordings to optical drives directly but can only do so if NERO 7 is installed on their PCs. In an OEM usage, am I required to purchase licenses for the NERO software or are my users allowed to use Pelco's OEM license?
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  • The problem is that licenses for v7 are no longer available so it's a moot point, in that regard. I'm wondering why it's using a 8 to 9 year old version of Nero. I took a look at one of the manuals and couldn't find a reference to Nero.

    I don't know anything about your company so I don't know if putting Nero 7 on a network server would resolve the problem.

    My suggestion is to either contact Pelco and/or Nero (at to see what they have to say. I think Pelco would be the first contact. Would you please let me know the results of these contacts.
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