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I’m frustrated

Pixelated DVD

Hi, I am using Nero platinum 2015,on Windows 10 64bit acer system, & using Nero video to record to DVD, every file I try to burn to disc gets pixelated sections during the burning process, this never used to happen on my old windows 7 PC
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  • Hi Simon,
    Maybe you have settings now that have changed from the earlier versions?

    Things to check include using the movie options / application options and recording settings to try to get the best quality you can.

    Things like NTSC vs PAL; two-pass encoding; quality slider settings.

    Sometimes turning "SmartEncoding" to "Disable" will give different results.

    Some other settings to check:

    To avoid wasting discs while experimenting ... you can set the "burn" at the final stage of Nero Video to write to your hard drive. The resulting Video_TS folder can be "dragged and dropped" onto Nero MediaHome (or VLC Media Player for example) which will have the output play just like a DVD. Once happy with the settings ... revert the output to your burner and burn again to make the final disc.

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