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Platinum 2015 will not reinstall one year later

I have bought and paid for my Nero Platinum 2015 on October 6th 2014.
I have reformated my machine on September 2015 and downloaded another Platinum 2015 copy. Now it will not install claiming my "version expired".
The license is for one year only? What you pay for when you buy a NERO software is only the right to use for one year and then you have to buy a new one?
Since I cannot believe Nero operates that way, I am writing to find out why when entering my suppied serial number it says EXPIRED!
Is that possible? Do I have to buy every year a new license? If that ́s it, I will never buy another product from NERO and warn everyone I know about this unfair and exotic policy that I never found on my many years using computers.
Please answer as soon as possible since I need to write DVDs for my urgent use.
Credit Card: VISA
Order Number: 211773314
Order Date: 06 OKT 2014
Customer Number: 62272779
Nero 2015 Platinum - Downloadable Version
Downloadable Version
Serial number: 9053-0288-L7W3-5PE3-HPUC-6HC9
Tito Rosemberg
Caixa Postal 234
Tibau do Sul 59179000
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