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Play All Button

I am a Nero 10 user, so I do not know about newer versions. But I recently put together a slideshow (multiple chapters) for my mother's 80th birthday. What I wanted was for her to play all chapters at once or just watch an individual chapter, then just back to the main menu. The problem I ran into was that Nero 10 did not have that ability. I could either play all chapters by selecting the first chapter or set it up to just play a single chapter at a time. I checked the tech sites and others wished to do the same thing, but the answer was the same. "Can't be done". But I figured out a work around. I merged all the chapters into a single slideshow and saved that new master slideshow as "Play All". So, when it came time to burn a DVD, I had my play all button and I loaded each individual chapter. I then set-up to play just a single chapter then jump to main menu. Worked like a champ. Takes up more memory but who cares, if you are under 4.5 Gig.
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