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I’m confused

Play back function in Nero Video 2018 is running too slow and shocking.


Recently I have purchased Nero Platinum 2018. Until a few days back everything worked fine. Now, however, I have had a problem with Nero Video 2018. In the express mode I tried to play a film montage with the play mode, but then the film is slow and shocking. In the advanced mode however, the film is running smoothly. I have recently also deleted some older of versions of Microsoft Visual C ++ from my computer. Can that be the reason of my problem? In that case, I would like to know which versions of Microsoft Visual C ++ are necessary for Nero Video 2018 (86 or 64 version)? In that case I will install them again. If there is another cause for my problem, I would also like to hear that.
Kind thanks and regards,
Rob Zsom
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